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I'm the author of the Milton the Mighty series of children's books, published by Chicken House

Hi, I'm Emma Read

What's it all about, then?


Story Spinners is a weekly, out of school club, designed to inspire children's creativity


40 minute workshops, running over 10 weeks (5 weekly sessions per half-term) and delivered on Zoom 


The course covers storytelling, structure, creating worlds and characters and much more!


Emphasis on creativity and fun. Think inspiration, rather than fronted adverbials!  


"Emma takes children on a lovely journey into their imagination and creativity." ~ Mum to Katie, aged 8

"He really enjoyed it ... he came away feeling great!" ~ Mum to Bertie, aged 8

"I loved how there were activities, and reading and there was lots of joining in" ~ Eleanor, aged 11

For more information about my books or author events go to my website 

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